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Since there has been some dispute over exactly it was the Inquisitor said here’s the transcript taken exactly from my notes: “No-one is to know that I am here, if you tell anyone I am here your lives are forfeit, knowledge is power and I’ve gone to great lengths to make it look like I’m 2 systems away purging a genestealer cult. Let no-one know that you’re working for the Inquisiton and don’t let anyone know that the missing person is an Inquisitor. Or if you do say the person you’re looking for is an Inquisitor don’t let it be known that they’re missing. You have my permission to perform a summary execution on anyone who knows or finds out that an Inquisitor is missing. The common populace is NOT to know that Inquisitors go missing.”


7 Weeks prior to your arrival, Minor scraps rumored in the underhive
4 Weeks prior to your arrival, Major scrap rumored under the underhive, Contact with Jeruth is lost Thaddius takes over Lemmarchs boys.
3 Weeks prior to your arrival, The head of the PDF is killed outside the hive and replaced with Mithras Quarl
1 Week prior to your arrival, The head of the enforcers is found dead at home, replaced with Enoch Grim
You arrive: Episode 1
Day 2: Episode 2-3
Day 3: Episode 3-4
Day 4: Episode 4-6
Day 5: Episode 6-7
Day 6: Episode 7
Day 7: Episode 7-8

Using the standard Dark heresy system though I have done reading into Deathwatch and rogue trader too so I can bring an almost complete aspect into the game though there are no super humans or space barons as PC’s

We will however be using the ascension rank scale:
Rank 1
XP: 0–499
Rank 2
XP: 500-999
Rank 3
XP: 1,000–1,999
Rank 4
XP: 2,000–2,999
Rank 5
XP: 3,000–4,999
Rank 6
XP: 5,000–6,999
Rank 7
XP: 7,000-9,999
Rank 8
XP: 10,000–12,999
Rank 9
XP: 13,000–16,999
Rank 10
XP: 17,000–20,999
Rank 11
XP: 21,000–24,999
Rank 12
XP: 25,000–29,999
Rank 13
XP: 30,000–34,999
Rank 14
XP: 35,000–39,999
Rank 15
XP: 40,000–44,999
Rank 16
XP: 45,000–49,999

This is because I intend it to be quite a long running campaign and want the advancement to be smooth if they do make it into a ascended career.

The campaign idea is fairly standard, the players have to find something that’s missing for their inquisitor though this of course is going to be no-where near as simple as it sounds.

I am also introducing a “dramatic death” mechanic to the game which if I invoke it your character isn’t allowed to spend fate points to survive whatever just killed him, sorry but Bloothirsters/carnifexs/being on the receiving end of of an exterminatus don’t just leave you mildly wounded with a chance of recovering.

I pride myself on being able to make campaigns that require the players to think so it’s not all kick in the door and there will be consequences later in the storyline depending on what the play do or don’t do.

Main Page

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