Mission Report 003

Returning to the drinking den we were informed that the gang meeting was a set-up. The acolytes were ambushed but ultimately triumphed over the gangers. Although this has left us with multiple problems to overcome.

Our Mechanicus Adept Quintilla has returned uphive to look for medical assistance from her cult brethren. Guardsman Fraustus tried to approach other members of Bagin’s Boys to reconcile and to try to get the planned meeting to still go ahead. Unfortunately the young boy who arranged the ambush was a casualty during the conflict and also happened to be the son of the gang leader. They would only go ahead if we turned in his killer, the other acolytes informed me that it was Fenria.

We discussed the situation and decided to call that meeting a loss and try to open new avenues of inquiry. I approached another ganger I spotted at the drinking den, a member of Viggo’s Boys (yellow Colours) and with a small nudge of authority, able to organise a meeting with his gang leader.

A short while later Fenria contacted several acolytes to join her in infiltrating Thaddius’ Boys. Once contact was made with the entire group it became apparent that Fenria was collecting trophies to gin the trust of this gang. It was decided that Zarkon and Brulla would go ahead fenria. And the rest of us would head for the gang meeting.

I will send an update once we have gathered more information.

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Mission Report 003

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