Mission Report 002

Brother Ignus and I began our investigation in earnest, unfortunately we were stalled due to inept staff in the Enforcers denying us access to files we needed even after we revealed our identification as Imperial Adepts.

We understand time is a factor in this mission and I didn’t want to get bogged down in the bureaucracy and red tape after contemplating the staff sgt’s execution, so we departed to try other avenues, but I will have to remember to lodge an official complaint if time allows.

We found only minor amounts of information using the resources we had left and it seems that fate is against us at this juncture, during the course of our investigation the brother and I managed to affront an Adept of the Machine Priests of Mars. Reparations were duly made and the matter settled, we managed to extricate ourselves from that situation without any more trouble and our Adepta hold no ill will over the incident.

The Mechanicus adept in question was most helpful and help us in our investigation. We were able to piece together that skirmishes of building intensity have been reported for several weeks and also the replacement of the head officers of both the Enforcers (found dead in personal apartment, replaced with Enoch Grim) and the PDF (killed in a recent skirmish, replaced with Mitras Quarl). These events seem too coincidental to overlook when appraising all the things happening at the moment. I think this warrants further investigation.

This information and that the others find may give us what we need to move forward with our search.

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Mission Report 002

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