Mission Report 001

We made good time in reaching hive bottom and getting ourselves oriented to the current situation down here and acclimatised to the locale.

(esp) pertaining to the gang war in progress, recent events and general security.

As was expected there were very little in the way of useful information to find our “friend”.

Our rally point at this time is in an underhive drinking den known as The Long Journey’s End (probably in reference to the extended elevator journey need to travel between lower and under hive.)

We were approached by an adolescent ganger named Callum member of Bagin’s Boys (Blue Colours), who has offered to take us to see his gang leader to see if he has any information that we may find useful.

After discussing our options at this time we decided to split to see if we could pick up leads elsewhere.

Fenria is going to try and infiltrate one of the larger gangs Thaddius’ Boys (Red Colours), brother Ignus and I are going back uphive to follow official lines of inquiry, the rest of the acolytes will follow the young ganger.

We will be meeting again at the drinking den to compare and collate our findings.

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Mission Report 001

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