Episode 3
Revelations and Assailations

After killing the gangers in the alleyway Fraustus decided to go back and look for more more ganagers to try and continue arranging the meeting with Bagin.

Episode 2
Epic fails, Chain reactions and doing the wrong thing.

The party split into two with Pontiuns and Ignus following leads on anagrams of the Inquistors name, they journey back to the lower hive where after talking to the enforcers there and finding out about the new head of the pdf and head of the Local enforcers they proceed to “accidentally” vandalize a data terminal or two, alerted to remain where they are by a magus adept they choose to run unfortunately they try to run too fast for too long throw up pass out and are both sentenced to 10 lashes from an electro flail.

Episode 1
Dress my barbie

After being given their job to find the missing inquisitor Jeruth Anderson, by the Inquisitor the acolytes move into the hive heading straight for the lower hive and the nearest shop so they can buy gear and food for their characters, after expending most of their money and 3 counts of explosive diarrhea later the party is approached by Callum at the long journeys end in the underhive who tells them that he can take them to his boss who may be able to help them in finding their missing person. Fenria finds out which gang has the most power in the hive and begins infiltrating it.


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