Moon Blade

Primitive melee/thrown weapon

weapon (melee)
Class Melee
Range 5m
Damage 1 d10 R
Pen 0
Special Fast, Primitive, Unweildy
Weight 3kg
Cost 25
Rarity Rare

The size and speed of this weapon makes it hard to
Parry. Opponents that would Parry an attack against
a weapon with the Fast quality take a –20 penalty on
their Weapon Skill Tests.

Crude and basic in design, these kinds of weapons, while still
deadly, are less effective against modern armour. All Armour
Points are doubled against hits from Primitive weapons, unless
the armour also has the Primitive quality.

Huge and often top-heavy, Unwieldy weapons are too
awkward to be used defensively. Unwieldy weapons cannot
be used to Parry.


Moon Blade

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