Pontius Krak

Ex-ganger turned Arbites

Homeworld Hiveworld Career Path Arbitrator
Rank Trooper Class Ganger scum
Gender Male Build Wiry
Height 1.75m Weight 65kg
Skin Ruddy Hair Grey
Eyes Green Age 20
Divination “Even a man who has nothing, can still offer his life…” (strength +2, already added)
Quirk Piercing – Aquila hanging from left ear
WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel W FP IP CP
36 36 33 39 30 36 27 32 35 13 2

Common Lore – Adeptus Arbites (INT)
Common Lore – Imperium (INT)
Inquiry (FEL)
Literacy (INT)
Speak Language – Hive Dialect (INT)
Speak Language – Low Gothic (INT)
Tech Use (INT)


  • Accustomed to crowds – crowds are not difficult terrain + no penalty to agility test when running or charging through a crowd
  • Caves of steel – Tech use (INT) as a basic skill
  • Hivebound – -10 to (INT) survival tests + outside of “Proper Hab” -5 to Intelligence tests
  • Wary – +1 to Initiative rolls


  • Basic weapons training – solid projectile
  • Drive – Hover vehicle
  • Melee weapon training – primitive
  • Pistol Training – Las
  • Quick Draw
  • Rapid Reload


  • 1 pack of Lho sticks
  • 3 doses of Stimm
  • Arbitrator ID
  • Arbitrator Uniform
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Chrono
  • Club
  • Flak armoured vest
  • Injector
  • Knife
  • Las-pistol
  • Shotgun (12 shells)


Throne Gelt 79 Monthly Income 70

Born and raised in Hive Thanatos, the Hive Secundus upon the planet Oneiroi, itself the primary trade-port of the Erebus system.

Like many underhivers, Pontius grew up in gang territory and fell in line with the gang controlling the area lived.

They called themselves The Bondsmen, the gang was formed originally from a protection racket/neighbourhood watch type of set-up. They quickly gained the trust of the settlements they patrolled for not taking more than their due and for defending those that called for it. These people were their friends, family and also their source of future members.

It was their reputation that solidified their position in the underhive, they were routinely called upon for guarding Guilder caravans, Watchman duty and guiding people safely in the underhive… for a price of course.

Their insignia:
A clenched fist, grasping a chain wrapped around it, the ends of which extend outward to the gangers shoulders. so that side by side every member is a link in the chain that binds them all together.

Pontius earned the name “Krak” as an in-joke in the gang. whenever an enemy gang invaded Bondsmen territory and holed up or fortified somewhere, Pontius would usually be the first there
to bust in the door “like a Krak grenade” and start clearing them out.

It was during his time in the Bondsmen that an overtly agressive gang called the Sons of Nyx started a gruesome pogrom against all the other inhabitants of the underhive, bringing death and anarchy in their wake. The entirety of the bondsmen and a few other willing gangs were deputised as watchmen to bolster the Adeptus Arbites forces as they retaliated.

Many of the younger gangers, Pontius included, were enlisted as raw recruits into the Adeptus Arbites. The Sons of Nyx were not contained in Hive Thanatos, simultanious uprisings appeared across the many hives of Oneiroi. Pontius cut his teeth as a trooper in the Arbites, doing his part to put down this insurrection.

Whilst serving in this role he was spotted and approached by Inquisitor Castella Jezail and given the opportunity to serve the emperor in another capacity under her command.

Pontius Krak

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