Litila Kalta

Noble Born Sororitas


Height 1.70m weight 90kg
Age: 37(mature)
Divination: “Die if you must, but not with your spirit broken” (+3 WP included)
Ruddy skin, dyed white hair, green eyes
Quirk: Electoo
Lineage of Renown: The Blood of Greatness

WS 34
BS 34
S 39
T 28
Ag 39
Int 31
Per 36
Wp 34
Fel 44

W 12
Fp 3

Speak language (Low Gothic)
Speak language (High Gothic)
Common Lore (Imperial Creed)
Performer (Singer)
Trade (Copyist)
Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy)

Talents and Traits
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Pistol Weapon Training (Las)
Basic Weapon Training (Primitive)
Basic Weapon Training (SP)
Etiquette (+10 charm, deceive and scrutiny with high authority and formal situations)
Peer (Nobility)
Peer (Ecclesiarchy)
Pure Faith

Laspistol- 2 Charge Packs
Combat Shotgun- 60 Shells
Armageddon Pattern Autogun- 120 Bullets
Melee Attachment (Mono)
4 Candles
Carapace Chest
Mesh Cowl
Flak Jacket
Aquila Necklace
Writing Kit
Chaplet Ecclesiasticus
Vestments (good quality clothing)
Copy of the Rule of Sororitas
Ring of Suffrage (Charm)
Red Dot Laser Sight


Litila Kalta was born to the Noble Kalta family, a line that had achieved greatness from their ancestor Lazerus Kalta. He was a hero of long ago that led the loyalists of the planet Regis IV against heretical betrayers until the Adeptus Sororitas stepped in. Their forces united, the Sororitas surprised to find loyalists still alive, while Lazerus and his soldiers praised the Empereror for his aid. After cleansing Regis IV of the traitorous seed, Lazerus was praised by his allies and appointed a Lord.
Since then, the line of Kalta has always placed their second born child into the hands of the Ecclesiarchy upon their 8th birthday. This is both as a sign of thanks for their salvation and respect.
Litila Kalta was the child paid in this donation. Even at this age she was strong and willful, and she was not happy to have to give up all she had known just to pay some debt her parents felt she had to pay to keep them in their accustomed lifestyle.
Although not happy, she knew her responsibilities and did what was expected. For twenty years she served in the Grand Cathedral of Regis IV. She may well have spent the rest of her life there, had Regis IV not come under attack by the forces of the Tau.
When they came, they preached lies of unity in the name of ‘The Greater Good.’ Litila was instantly jaded to this as it sounded just like what her parents had always told her. She decided that she would not simply roll over for these aliens when she owed them nothing. She and a good two thirds of the planet went to war with the tau and those weak-willed traitors who fell for their lies of unity.
During the fighting she struggled on, seeing her people lose ground every day, they knew they were outclassed, until, on the seventh day of the war, the Emperor’s Angels descended. The Adeptas Sororitas had received their transmissions for aid and had come to aid old allies. During the fighting, Litila saw the righteous fury that the Sisters of Battle fought with, smiting down the aliens, continuing on even as their sisters were cut down by the aliens’ plasma weaponry. Seeing this, she rallied the remaining soldiers around her, citing the determination of the Adeptas Sororitas, who didn’t even fight for their own planet, surely they should stand with them. With a rousing cheer, the battered soldiers rejoined the battle with a greater fury. Litila leading from the front, crying out prayers to the Emperor, her laspistol blazing, while she cut into tau soldiers with her sword. During the fighting, her face was sliced by a tau among the others, wielding a staff with a blade at each end, she faced him with bravery in her heart, but she was unable to achieve victory, her allies cut down around her, she was sent to the floor by her opponent, it placed it’s foot upon her chest, as she lay there, pinned to the ground, it knelt down to her and asked why she fought them, if she would only accept their ideals, she could join a greater purpose than her Imperium could ever hope to give her. She spat bloody spittle into the thing’s face. In response, it stood, but before it could impale it’s blade into her chest, it’s chest exploded and it fell motionless to the floor. Lying there, she saw the woman she would come to know as Sister Inez standing over her, surrounded by a halo of divine favour, she came over to Litila and pulled her to her feet, leading her back into the fighting.
It was as though Litila had found what her life had been missing, she had a purpose and where once her faith in the Emperor had been merely through obligation, now she saw his true divinity. She had found her faith. After the Tau had been forced into retreat from the planet, she was among those few the Sororitas approached about recruitment. Litila simply responded that there was no decision to make, following the Sororitas to be trained. Knowing that the life of her past was simply leading her to this point, now her true life began.

Litila Kalta

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