Frastus Serghar (deceased)

Imperial Guardsman


Height 1.85m weight 70kg
Age 35 (mature)
World: Agri-world
Divination: “in the darkness, follow the light of Terra” (WP+3)
Dark skin, bald, grey eyes
Makeup (warpaint)
WS/BS/S /T /Ag/Int/Per/Wp/Fel
W /Fp/Ip/Cp
10/2 /- /-

Speak lang (low gothic)
Drive (ground vehicle)

Blessed ignorance: see previous
Hagiography: see previous
Liturgical familiarity: see previous
Superior origins: see previously

Melee weapon training (primitive)
Pistol training (las)
Basic weapon training (las)
Basic weapon training (solid projectile)
Stout constitution (1)

Las Pistol
Las Gun
Shot gun
Telescopic sight (las gun)
Guard flak armour
Street clothes
1 week corpse starch rations
Explosive collar (still attached)
Back pack


Frastus Serghar was born and raised a farm boy on one of the empires countless agricultural worlds (Kurnock Sigma) whose only purposes were to grow food and other produce to feed the fast empire of man. Frastus liked his life it wasn’t glorious or exciting but it was a good life full of honest work which he felt gave him a purpose serving the empire in his own way, after all an army marches on its stomach. He lived a quiet life always keeping his head down and avoiding trouble until his mother got it in his head that it was time for him to settle down and get married. She started arranging for Serghar to meet the daughters of her friends hoping that something would come of it. These girls were nice but he was just not interested in them other than as friends and his mother was becoming concerned about her son and his lack of interest in girls. In order to escape his mother Frastus did something drastic that many of his friends at the time considered crazy, he joined the Imperial Guard. He figured he’d always been naturally quick and strong maybe he’d do well in the Guard and escape his mother and her pestering.
Life in the army of the Imperial Guard was tough, even harder than life as a farmer. As tough as Frastus was he was unprepared for the horrors of war off world. Fighting for the Guard Frastus went to places far from his home and saw terrible things that changed him. After years of service he was found guilty of crimes against the empire after his Guardsman’s Uplifting Primer was damaged during combat. Normally this crime was punishable by death but Frastus’ Commissar at the time was feeling merciful and taking into account the circumstances decided to sentence Frastus to service in one of the Imperial Guards Penal Legions hoping Frastus may still be able to serve the Emperor. Frastus was taken and fitted with an explosive collar to ensure his loyalty in his new battalion. While serving for years as a Penal Legionnaire he was pit against foes worse than anything he had ever seen before. During one such mission he was assigned to an Imperial Inquisitor who had assigned his squad to cleanse a hive of heretics. The heretics knew the squad was coming and ambushed them, the fighting was brutal and nearly the entire squad was annihilated. Frastus having excelled in the fight had caught the eye of the inquisitor during the fight and she requested him to be assigned to her, where Frastus remains in service to the Inquisitor.

Frastus Serghar (deceased)

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