Fenria Rat (Deceased)

Imperial World scum


Height: 1.70m Weight 90k
Age: 35
World: agri world
Divination: “in the darkness, follow the light of Terra” (WP+3)
Dark skin, dyed hair, blue eyes
Pierced naval
WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
36 44 35 30 37 31 32 41 29
11 2

Speak (low Gothic)
Common lore (imperium)

Blessed ignorance: see previous
Hagiography: see previous
Liturgical familiarity: see previous
Superior origins: see previously

Weapon training (melee)
Pistol training (sp)
Basic weapon training (sp)

Quilted vest


All planets in the Imperium must contribute to the Empire. Some more than others, Hustonia is one such world. It is a agri world, one that feeds the Imperium. It is a world split by a social divide. Those who live in the spires and grow fat from the toil of those they lord over and those that tend the fields, harvest the crops, feed the imperium. Those that have no respect. Those who the spire born subjigate and let suffer. Those that the spire born call ‘Rats’

Fenria was born on this world. She suffered life there like an of the other Rats. Fenria became a ganger as soon as she had the strength to lift a gun and the will to use one. It was either that or backbreaking work and starvation. In a Rat pack Fenria had people she could count on and people that counted on her. It was the best life on Hustonia had to offer, for Rats at least.

Conditions grow worse for the workers in the fields year by year. Gangs form of Rats to fight for scraps from the Spirers table. The system does not work. Those at the top do not wish to give up their power and opulence. The Rats suffer and die. Surely within a few short generations the Rats will be gone. At least that is what the mysterious Revolutionary believes. The Revolutionary guides the Rats from the shadows rallying the Rats with faith in the Emperor. Telling the Rats that the Emperor will protect them if they rise up and and stop the Spirers from running the planet into the ground. The Emperor would want Hustonia to be strong, to be productive, and the Emperor will not protect those that stiffle the Imperium for their own greed. The Rats rise up and start openly attacking the Spirers. Their zeal is unheard of. Fenria and her gang are deeply commited to the fight. Over months of fighting the Rats have pushed deep into one of the prime Spires of Hustonia.

An Arbites strike team led by High Marshal Jaina deploys to the planet to quell the rebellion. The Arbites make a bloody entrance to the Spire. Many Spirers as well as Rats die. The bloodbath causes a breif pause in the fighting.

The High Marshal booms over the comms ‘This is High Marshal Jaina, I’m here to end the fighting one way or another’
‘I can purge this whole world or you can give me the leader of this revolution and no one else need die’. A slience follows. No one wants to say or do anything lest it be their death sentence. A moment passes that seems timeless. Fenria understood that everyone was going to die. Her comrades who only wanted better lives would soon all be dead and she would suffer the same fate. If things were to change the Rats would need leadership and courage. She was just a ganger who had survived longer than most. Most of all the Rats needed to survive this day. The High Marshal said no one else needs to die. High Marshals are lawmen, servants of the Emperor. Their word is law. The High Marshal said they would end this.

Fenria walks out of the shadows slowly toward the High Marshal head slightly bowed, she breathes ‘The Emperor protects, we have faith in the Emperor. We have suffered for the Emperor. And we will fight for the Emperor. And the Emperor will find us food, homes, tools. He will give us our lives! And we will toil for the Empoeror and be bountyfull. And he will protect them when you have your revolutionary. I am your revolutionary.’ She rests her head on the barrel of the High Marshals pistol. Fenria wispers ‘So kill me so the Emperor can protect them’ Jaina signals for some Arbites to restrain and remove Fenria. They shock her unconscious.

The fighting stops. Fenria is considered a martyr to the Rats. Fenria comes to and is told she is now dead. The High Marshal reveals that she is in fact an Inquisitor and is recruiting a team. She must now begin a new life as an imperial agent. Fenria ‘Rat’, she will wear the name with pride and in rememberance for those that sacrificed so much for so little.

Fenria now has a new gang. The Emperors gang.

The Emperor protects.

Three Weeks Later

Fenria was in a long dark tunnel. This hive was full of them. No hidden routes no long way round. Just one long tunnel. She felt alone. She did not want to be here. Maybe her cover was blown? It sure felt like a trap. Given no equipment and told to leave immediately. The few gang members that were with her made her feel more alone. She couldn’t even let her guard down and be herself. And so the long march continued.

The chatter had shifted to a discussion about the relative size of vermin in different areas of the underhive. A hail of gunfire echoed down the tunnel. One of Fenria’s gang was a bloody mess on the floor another panicked by the attack. Fenria and the final ganger jumped into cover and readied weapons. Fenria spotted the blue armbands. They were under fire from some of Bagins’ crew. What were Bagins’ doing this far out? Fenria was planning to intercept them right at the edge of their territory and going that far out was a stretch for them. Fenria snapped off a shot then ducked her head down. A shower of plascrete and the burn of hot metal piercing through her as round after round ploughed into her hiding place. As she looked up through the dust her gang were dead of dyeing there were four better armed and armoured Baggins’ down the tunnel. She had no chance. Fenria bolted for more cover. She ran dodging through the chaos into an alcove at the other side of the tunnel.

The Emperor Protects.

‘Any agents in the area? We have encountered Bagins’. Engaged in fire fight.’ It was the voice of the Arbiter. There must be other Inquisitorial agents in the area. It was a faint hope and in a few seconds the hail of gunfire would tear her apart. If they were going to be any help they had to engage now. Fenria couldn’t contact them without breaking radio silence. If Thadius’ gang found out she’d infiltrated them then they’d kill her and potentially compromise the Inquisitorial team. If she didn’t respond she was dead. ‘Affirmative!’ Fenria yelled through the microbead. There wasn’t anyone left on her side to expose her. The gunfire didn’t slow down. There were two newcomers talking to the Bagins. Surely they were her team mates? Why weren’t they helping? Fenria ducked into another alcove. She was bleeding badly. ‘If your in the area get away’ came the reply transmitted into Fenria’s head. No help? No ceasefire? Nothing. Maybe they were going to tie them up in conversation? That could work and running back the way she came was about the only thing Fenria could do now. Although if she went back to Thadius having failed the mission she was dead.

The Emperor Protects.

Fenria ran as fast as she could manage. She hugged the cover what there was of it. She wouldn’t get far. Fenria crouched down in the rubble for a moment. She raised her gun sights to her eye and checked behind her. Thundering down the tunnel was the head of the Bagins’ gang. He must want her bad. Maybe it was Bagin himself? If it was then this was her one chance to fix this whole mess. If she could take Bagin out then her cover need not be blown and it would be one less gang to deal with. The guns on the bike blazed kicking up dust and tearing chunks of plascrete from the tunnel. Somehow Fenria was still standing. Fenria opened up full auto at the biker. The hail of fire proved too much for the speeding bike. The ganger skidded off the bike but seemed unscathed save a near imperceivable limp. In fact somehow he was on his feet and up in her face before she could react. Bam. The guys stock hit her in the face. Fenria kept her senses for a moment. Too close for the assault riffle Fenria let go of it and in one swift motion drew her autopistol and fired a deadly shot into the unarmoured head of her assailant. The ganger ducked aside from the shot. Then blow after blow smashed onto Fenria’s face from the solid stock of her attacker’s gun. She could feel the bones breaking the teeth coming loose. She thought she heard something through her microbead. She couldn’t make sense of it though. Somewhere around the tenth blow she felt her cheekbone shatter, by the twelfth she was falling to the ground.

The Emperor Protects.

Fenria woke into bondage. She could not move. Leather straps bit into her flesh and she could not lift her head. She had a strange tingling sensation. They’d either started to play while she was out or they were getting her ready for something special. Someone stepped into her field of view. It was the guy that had broken her face. Sick bastard looked like he wanted to play doctor. Still if she was alive her team would come break her out. The ‘Doctor’ reached out of view. Then he held something in front of her that she didn’t recognise. It looked like it should belong in someone though. Probably her. So this was the game then. Take her organs out one by one and play show and tell. ‘Your womb.’ He intoned darkly then crushed it in his fist before her eyes. Fenria was going to die here but her will was strong. She would not give this sick bastard the satisfaction of breaking. She steeled herself for the next round of ‘guess the organ’. Instead of plucking another organ he decided he wanted a little break. ‘Now I’ll leave you to your friends’ he grinned, clearly pleased with himself, swished his coat and left the room. Fenria was aware of other people crowding around her. She recognised the one closest, the Priest. They were there all the time? They were prepared not only to let her be tortured to death, but to watch? They must be in pretty deep. About all she could do now was make sure she didn’t blow their cover.

The Emperor Protects.

The Priest had seen her brand. At least that’s what she guessed he was gesturing at. He seemed angry. More so than she’d ever seen him. Not that she knew him that well. He was furious.
‘Where did you get this mark?’
Might as well stay silent.
‘Fenria where did you get this mark!’
They could get all the info from Brulla.
‘How long have you had this!’
Fenria wasn’t even sure if she could move her jaw, or what was left of it.
There was a vicious looking autopistol pushed against her head. The Priest was counting now. Stay strong Fenria. The Emperor Protects. The Priest had finished counting. There was a sound and a flash.

The Emperor Protects?

Fenria Rat (Deceased)

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