Ex-Guard, currently a heavy in Viggo's Boys. Violence Solves Everything.


A Heavy from Drowac’s Boys. (editing in process)

She grew up on drowacs boys turf, in the grimness of the hive, working at the manufactorum probably just cleaning and packaging roles, before getting enlisted into the guard as part of the planets drafting process.
Has two living kids, one is 15 the other 13, would have had a 10 year old too, but borm, stillborn.
family life as part of a gang I’m, seeing a lot of families in the gang helping each other out with food and resources, with the two kids being of gang member age for fighting, I guess they got drafted in to doing jobs/patrolling the territory. I was taught how to use guns at a young age, to defend the others if anyone came into territory as I had been a tomboy type girl growing up, getting into fights etc, just as much as the boys. but like my mother stuck close to territory to look after everyone else.
The guys taught me shooting, I got damn good at it, and within the guard this proficiency lead to her being trained to use bigger, more specialist weapons as time passed.
Once back in underhive involved in a couple of shoot outs/defending turf. so far still alive. drafted into the planetary defence force for a few years and went through some of their training, before being let out back into the hive, where I took my talents back home to drowacs boys and did a few jobs regaining lost ground/defending against territory incursions from the other gangs, not hugely trusting of the alliance.

Formerly employed within the ranks of the planetary guard, on returning to the underhive after their term of duty with a mercenaries license, they fell in amongst a number of small short lived gangs, but gained enough of a name that she was cornered with the offer of joining Drowac’s Boys. Her guard training and skills with firearms has proved useful a number of times.
Being a part of the gang for a few years she feels they (the gang) provide some protection and structure in their part of the hive.

After the events of last season she has sought out the people who united the gangs briefly to take down the reds as she feels from her time in the planetary guard she can offer some aid to any further jobs/missions that are required to keep the hive secure.
She’s had 3 kids, one died at birth, two were a part of the gang she was in, as they’ve grown up they’ve headed off into whatever areas they felt fit but they keep in touch, as best as they can through the gang network and meet up sometimes? just a rough idea so far, please get back to me with bullet points requested, also any major rumours/manner of thinking about the up-hivers/government?


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