Season 2 episode 1

Down in a hole

The acolytes return to their underhive HQ after their week of recovery and equipping.

In the old enforcer compound that the acolytes were using as a HQ Viggo, Wollsey and Shaddow were awaiting the arrival of the last of the acoytes to return. Viggo had brought along Blaze to replenish the acolytes numbers after the loss of Frastus after his sacrifice for the benefit of the gangs.

Wollsey provided the acolytes with rad-shots to help them deal with the higher rad levels in the sump. Most of the acolytes took them there and then except for Quintilla who kept hold of hers until she had waited to see if anything happened to any of the other acolytes first. A few hours later on the flatbed transport that Wollsey had organised Quintilla took her rad shot when there was no obvious effects on the other acolytes.

The acolytes reached the area locally refereed to “the arsehole of the hive” after 4 hours of flatbed travel. The arsehole of the hive is the area of the hive where all the hives water is siphoned from the hive after it can no longer be recycled, it used to flow through a pipe but after centuries or millenia of poor maintenance the pipe has eroded away to nothing and now there is a free flowing "water"fall that has also eroded away a huge amount of the floor taking buildings with it. The acolytes found that there were ropes permanently in place down into the sump with an entrepreneuring member of the underhive having set up a booth selling climbing equipment, those acolytes who had not bought climbing equipment during their recovery time bought some from him, the quality of them wasn’t great even though they were charged full price for them, he also told them to pull on the yellow rope 5 times when they get back and for a small fee he’ll winch them back up.

The descent into the darkness began and except from a hairy moment with Ignus and Pontius the 800m climb/abseild down was uneventful.

Diona being one of the first down there reached out with her psychic abilities detecting life all around her she noticed that the cave that she was in wasn’t in fact pitch black, there was a phosphorescent glow from the moss growing on the walls of the cave as well as other phosphorescent creatures living down there including insects, birds and fish in the lake which was giving off strongly toxic fumes and from the far side of the lake there was a different kind of light visible.

The acolytes followed Wollsey heading to where he last saw Inquisitor Anderson as they proceeded Hak and Pontius noticed they were being shadowed by dog-like creatures, the rest of the acolytes who didn’t have photo lenses/contacts and were seeing by the light of the personal glow globes carried by some of them could only see the light reflected from yes around them. Hak deciding he wasn’t taking any chances killed one of them (eventually) causing the rest of them to flee.

After more travel through the broken and jagged terrain of the sump Diona’s still active powers detected some life forms on the ceiling. Looking where DIona was indicating Hak and Pontius could see only stalactites when Hak looked again through his magnoculars with their thermal settings he saw some heat signatures, as two of them detached themselves from the ceiling descending through a hail of fire from Pontius and Litila and attached themselves to Ignus’s and Wollsey’s head. attempts to detach these creatures from their heads only succeeded on Ignis for the briefest of moments when another two detached from the ceiling, one was sent packing by a hail of shots from Litila the other attached itself to Quintilla’s head. Hak finally managed to pry the Gloomhaunt off of Ignus’s head before they killed it, Quintilla forced her utility mechadendrite under the gloomhaunts wing flap blasting it with sacred incense spooking it off but not before it opened up her scalp. the Gloomhaunt on Wollsey was also finally killed but not before taking out one of his eyes.

The gloomhaunts defeated Diona turned her psychic abilities to healing those who were hurt, some of the acolyes wanted to rest but Wollsey urged them to carry on as they were now close to the location where he last saw Inquisitor Anderson.

So they continued coming to a large room, 21 hours after they set off from the compound, with what the estimated to be close to 1000 corpses in it, the floor was smoother here than the rest of the hive with clear chissel marks on it and some gulleys visable in the gaps between some of the bodies. Quintilla did a quick auspex sweep of the area removing the bodies form the equation which revealed that the gulleys formed a massive symbol 200m high and wide, after a major group effort Ignis identified it as a the mark of Khorne and Diona sensed that though the veil hadn’t been rent here it had certainly been weakened a little. Litlila proceeded to the middle of the symbol wading through the bodies that were late in the liquefaction stage of decomposition and knelt in the middle offering a prayer to the emperor near a body that was chained to the floor. Another check of the Auspex revealed a faint electrical signal coming from the north west of the room, Hak checked the room with the thermal setting of his magnoculars and saw a slight heat signature coming from the same place, making his way over to it he noticed a slight gleam of gold under one of the bodies. Moving the body he found a massive two handed hammer that looked to be made from pure gold, reliefs carved across the faces of all the heads of the hammer and the handle wrapped in purity seals. Noticing what Hak had found Wollsey cautioned him to put it down carefully as Inquisitors weapons are often cursed to non-inquisitors and he wouldn’t want hak to invoke the curse. Wrapping the hammer in a cloak to prevent him from touching the weapon and invoking it’s curse Wollsey took the hammer. Pontius having moved round to where Hak found the hammer started looking for tracks, knowing that Inquisitor andseron was wearing power armour down here he quickly found power armoured tracks leading to and from the hammer. following them he deduced that the tracks lead into a corridor going off this room then when he came out of that coridor he dropped the hammer. Moving into the corridor they found an antechamber containing an alter carved from the rock of the cave around it with two wrought iron bars coming out of it which was deduced to be a stand for something. A discussion was had between Wollsey, Pontius Pontius Krakand Ignus in which Ignus suggested that something may have overcome Inquisitor Anderson’s will, Wollsey warned Ingnus how close he was to heresy and Pontius revealed that they too were working for an Inquisitor to find Inquisitor Anderson. While Wollsey and Pontius were trying to gauge what the other other knew Ignus placed two Frag grenades on the alter. Alerted by the explosion the rest of the acolytes moved into the antechamber and joined the discussion that was ongoing Wollsey having gently guided Pontius away from the explosion.



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