Episode 9

Storming the valley of Lords

Brulla was re-united with the acolytes. after a conversation with the Ignis and Litila in which the battle sisters hand twitched towards her gun Brulla decided not to risk it and gunned down the battle sister and cleric first before trying to make a break for it. Having moved off to the side to rest Fraustus and Pontius were roused by this and his hive instinct kicking in Pontious reacted quicker and gunned down Brulla before she could get away….. Very little was left of Brulla.

After recovering a little while, being seen by a master surgeon and hearing of the greatest legend of Hak’s home world, the rest of the acolytes head back to the administratum building where they were told that the attack on Thaddius’s would happen tomorrow.

Waking up the next morning to more ammo being left outside their room as well as some basic flak Armour for those without it on certain locations. The party were then given the loan of a driver and a gunner and set off on the 14 hour drive in their Chimera. The acolytes took a heavy metal door with them.

After 8 hours the chimera entered the valley of Lords

After 10 hours the encountered a barricade and broke through while hardly slowing

After 12 hours certain members in the tank noticed something odd about the walls of the Valey of Lords

After 14 hours the valley had narrowed to the point where the chimera could go no further the acolytes piled out and those who had not noticed before saw the bodies nailed to the walls of the valley of lords their arms and legs splayed, an x cut into their torso and their skin pinned out against the walls to make human chaos stars.

The acolytes advanced behind the cover of the door they had bought with them, once they emerged out of the valley a Heavy stubber set in an emplacement opened fire upon the acolytes forcing them back into the valley to seek cover, singing songs of inspiration the sister inspired them to new heights of bravery and Hak and Pontius broke cover drawing fire, as they got closer someone else with an autogun started shooting at the acolytes and Quintilla started staggering her advance with Pontius’s using her more heavily armoured form to give Pontious some protection. after having covering fire laid down by Fraustus Hak finally vaulted the protective barricade around the heavy stubber making short work of the gunner and the loader, and Pontius being offered cover from Quintilla and covering fire from Litila shot the autogunner through the gun slit with his shotgun.



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