Episode 8

Attack on the Underhive lifts.

The tank fixed and the acolytes HQ garrisoned the the acolytes were picked up by Vigos boys and taken to the new Gang HQ where they met with Bagin and Vigo who co-ordinated the attack.

The acolytes were spotted at about 190m out and Thaddius’s boys started to push to drive them back. Unfortunately due to the acolytes skill at arms this was unsuccessful and they quickly started racking up the losses.

At 100m out Hak used his grapnel to close the distance with the gang landing on the gantry above the gangers> the gangers threw a grenade trying to end his threat to which Hak responded by swan diving off the gantry, landing on Lietenant Kael and killing him. The battle continued to go in the acolytes favour and it was almost wrapped up when The enforcers turned up and helped them finish a job.

An impressive looking man wearing carapace with lion head pauldrons and carrying a highly decorative shock maul talked to the accolytes and informed them they were setting up an exclusion zone around the lifts and anyone seen wearing gang colours in that area would be shot on sight no questions asked.



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