Episode 7

The calm before the storm

Most of the acolytes spent the next two days recovering reading up on the information they had gathered and patrolling.

At the end of the first day roughly 20 gangers wearing assorted armbands showed up, some of which were wearing an entwined blue, green and yellow bands. after being intimidated by Pontius, Hak and Litila they slinked off into the building trying to keep out of peoples way and help garrison the building until Litila sang a Bawdy song to put them at ease and after talking to them and singing songs to the emperor she had hammered them into a force of Emperor loving militia willing to die for the Emperor.

Quintilla arrived at the manofactorum and set to repairing the tank, she also gave the manofactorum a once over and increased it’s output.

Brulla spent her days acquiring materials for and running rat races……. that didn’t run.



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