Episode 6

The gm should have updated this sooner

Quintilla having recovered talked to Magos Litos to arrange a lift “malfunction” to let her out before the bottom of the lift so she could get around Thaddius’s boys.

Brulla after spending a day listening for information to her customers at “RATS” went to bed leaving a random ganger in charge and then when she got up she saw that the bar section of RATS had been robbed blind. When the customers walked in Brulla was consigned to the fact it couldn’t get worse and went for breakfast at Lietenant Kael’s. There Brulla heard information on the capture of Fenria and was given control of RATS. On returning to rats she found all the stuff in the back room gone including the dividing wall, Brulla took time to consider her next move with rats.

Bagin gave the remaining acolytes the place they were staying. The acolytes got cleaned up and checked out the place they were staying especially trying to find hidden cameras.

Quintilla’s lift stopped and she left through the maintenance hatch and used the maintenance shaft to make her way to where the other accolytes told her they were at.

Quintilla was brought upto date by the other accolytes and offered to go fix the tank that they’d been told was found in Drowac’s territory.

Hak tried to climb on the roof but fell off but recovered remarkably well and walked back into the building.


“including the dividing wall”… this is set in the 40k equivalent of Bradford and Leeds isn’t it…

Episode 6

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