Episode 5

Death to the Heretic

Fraustus, Ignis, Litila and Pontius, believed to be out of the fight as if by the Emperors very will started fighting again and along with Hak (master defenstrator) drove off the last of Thaddius’s gang defending the barricade.

Fenria having being informed of the meeting between Bagins boys and some off worlders, Fenria was instructed to immediately make moves to prevent the meeting. Fenria explained the situation to Brulla telling her that she had infiltrated the gang to gain intel on the missing Inquisitor. Fenria leaves Brulla in charge of the bar and takes three of the gangers with her.

Brulla in Fenria’s absence questioned a remaining ganger on Thaddius and his gang.

Fenria unknowingly arrived at the meeting place having being distracted by a giant hive rat. Bagin was more vigilant though he and his boys opened fire upon Fenria and her gangers taking down two of them in seconds. Fenria instantly dived for cover and returned fire. not long after the firefight began Ignis and Pontius arrived on the still working bike seeing bagins boys pouring fire down a side street. After much miscommunication over the vox Fenria finally began her fallback. Bagin asked Pontius if he could borrow the bike which he allowed. Chasing Fenria down a short fight ensured in which he eventually managed to knock Fenria out. Returning with her slung over the back of the bike Pontius and Ignis finally realized who it was, During this time Drowac and his boys tried to intervene and stop the meeting, Vigo arrived having heard about Drowac making moves, killing Drowac and declaring Drowac’s boys Vigo’s boys.

Bagain, Fenria, Pontius and Ignis having made their way back to Bagins HQ were treated by his Physician while Fenria was strapped to a table and a surgical curtain drawn around her. Having a meeting arround Bagins data table Pontius and Ignis exchanged Information with Bagin and brokered an alliance between Bagins boys and Vigos boys.

Having been transported to the border Litila, Hak and Fraustus along with Pontius and Ignis were taken to Fenria. Bagin revealed that he knew that she had killed his son and presented her with her womb that his surgeon had removed to ensure that she couldn’t bear children, he then proceeded to crush the womb in front of her. Bagin then asked Fenria a few question but Fenria remained silent. with one final gesture Bagin tore her blouse revealing her eight pointed star brand and then left with his team to allow Pontius, Fraustus and Ignis to question Fenria. Identifying the mark Ignis began to question Fenria but as she remained silent even after a countdown Ignis was left with no choice but to preform a summary execution upon Fenria.



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