Episode 4

A priest a nun and a copper were on a motorbike.........

Fenria having driven the enforcers out of the lift are was awarded by being given the long journeys end as her new base of operations, she immediately got drunk to the point of passing out, after coming round she ordered some of the gangers under her command to paint the bar red. Fenria renamed the bar ‘Rats’ in memory of where she came from and to make it a rally point for the new resistance.

Brulla was taken by Thaddius’s gang to be patched up after taking the shotgun to the chest, waking up some time later having being patched up Brulla was branded into the cult and sent to report to Fenria, Fenria put her straight to work painting her bar.

Quintilla, still recovering from her surgery got to work on paying off her debt to the mechanicus. Litila being sent by the Inquisitors second Interrogator Lucian, after the death of Zarkon. After some discussion Quintilla contacted Ignus to arrange a meeting. Litila began her descent in the lifts.

Fraustus, Ignus, Hak and Pontius were surrounded by members of Vigo’s gang about 4 hours into their walk and were taken on bike to meet Vigo. The group had their meeting with Vigo, Pontius deputized Vigo’s gang and after much negotiating gained themselves two bikes and an escort to the edge of Vigo’s territory giving away all their re-breathers for this exchange. After getting some rest they set off towards Bagins territory to broker an alliance between Bagins and Vigo’s boys.

Arriving in the underhive, Litila was press ganged into Thaddius gang with all the new arrivals to the underhive……… At least that was the plan, asking a local which way is north she made a break for it. having to fight her way past two small gang groups Litela managed to get away and and traveled north for 9 hours when she managed to establish contact with the group that had been to make contact with Vigo’s boys as they were heading south to Bagins territory. Picking her up (after 21 hours awake she caught some sleep on the bike) the continued south for another hour.

The mounted group came across a barricade manned by 20 of Thadius’s boys. making a plan they decided to try a break through, driving full speed towards the barricade the blazed a hole in it suppressing and killing some of the gangers manning the barricade and they would have made it if one of the gangers didn’t get lucky, catching the ammo feeds for the twin linked auto guns on the lead bike (being ridden by Ignus Litila and Pontius) causing the ammo to explode which in turn caused the engines of the bike to explode. This threw the riders off Pontius and Litila rose again but Ignus did not. after a short firefight with some spectacular heroics on both sides Hak was left as the only man still conscious facing down 10 gangers Hak decided to make good his escape, leaving the rest of the team down……….. or were they…..



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