Episode 10

The Gm only remembers bits of this sorry if he says the wrong person did something someone else did.

Having dealt with the threats outside Thaddius’s compound the party began work on cutting through the outer door.

Once inside the group faced a series of mutants preforming a rolling fall back tactic. They’d fight a little fall back to the next room where a fresh bunch of mutants would fight while they healed up with salves and suchlike. meanwhile the acolytes had to cut through to each room in succession. in one of them they found a prison block one of the cells contained an imperial adept called [insert James’s characters name here]. In the second to last room they faced two massive brutes armed with chainswords each as well as the remaining mutants, but all were put down.

In the last room stood Thadduis. He admitted he was defeated, his gang was ruined and he wished to surrender and leave with his life but his honour dictated that he must at least make a fight of it, his conditions: if he won he’d be allowed to walk away from this situation and never show his face in the underhive again. If he lost he’d be dead and the acolytes would have got what they came for anyway. When questioned about the chaos iconography in the valley of kings and on his followers he used the “it was like that when I got here” defense.

Fraustus agreed to the duel and was given time to prep, the other acolytes gave him an amount of drugs that would make a eversor blush. and the duel started. the combatants took their steps and reacting the fastest Thaddius took Fraustus down in a single volley. Litila then threw a grenade at Thaddius it was on target but his reflexes saved him and he managed to avoid the blast. Pontius followed up with a grenade of his own but was off target and further damaged his already messed up leg. Thaddius tried to make good his escape but was not prepared for the lightning strike of Hak Lug’s monoblade opening him up from groin to gullet.

As Thaddius lay there opened up the party started retrieving his gear. They could hear something at the entrance to the stronghold. a few minuites later a group of enforcers showed up and demanded Thaddius’s body so they could incinerate it. Quintilla asked how they got past the chimera that was blocking the valley of kings to which they responded “we neutralized it”. They then left with the body of Thaddius.

The acolytes decided to inspect the rest of the stronghold and found stairs down to a basement level where they found a small shrine to Slaanesh. deciding to give Fraustus a proper send off they put his tags and explosive collar on the alter and blew it up.

The acolytes made their way back to the Bagin/Vigo HQ (Having aranged with the enforcers to send some cars back for them). while heading back they saw the still smoking chimera towed to one side. When they eventually reached the HQ they were congratulated by Vigo and Bagin. Bagin saying he’d now uphold his end of the deal and told he may have some leads on the Inquisitor they were looking for and that they were waiting for them in the acolytes underhive HQ.

The party proceed to their HQ where they met Wollsey Leman and Shaddow who told them that they were part of Inquisitor Andersons retinue and let the party in on a secret (or what they thought was a secret) the inquisitor was missing and they had been separated from the rest of the retinue but hadn’t been able to make contact with any of them. They were going to start looking for the Inquisitor the last place they saw him. Under the underhive but wanted more people to go with them and the acolytes had proven to be resourceful.

So take some time to recover we leave in a week Terran standard.



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