Season 2 Episode 3
The summoning


Season 2 Episode 2
Room of almost a thousand corpses

Coming soon

Season 2 episode 1
Down in a hole

The acolytes return to their underhive HQ after their week of recovery and equipping.

Episode 10
The Gm only remembers bits of this sorry if he says the wrong person did something someone else did.

Having dealt with the threats outside Thaddius’s compound the party began work on cutting through the outer door.

Episode 9
Storming the valley of Lords

Brulla was re-united with the acolytes. after a conversation with the Ignis and Litila in which the battle sisters hand twitched towards her gun Brulla decided not to risk it and gunned down the battle sister and cleric first before trying to make a break for it. Having moved off to the side to rest Fraustus and Pontius were roused by this and his hive instinct kicking in Pontious reacted quicker and gunned down Brulla before she could get away….. Very little was left of Brulla.

Episode 8
Attack on the Underhive lifts.

The tank fixed and the acolytes HQ garrisoned the the acolytes were picked up by Vigos boys and taken to the new Gang HQ where they met with Bagin and Vigo who co-ordinated the attack.

Episode 7
The calm before the storm

Most of the acolytes spent the next two days recovering reading up on the information they had gathered and patrolling.

Episode 6
The gm should have updated this sooner

Quintilla having recovered talked to Magos Litos to arrange a lift “malfunction” to let her out before the bottom of the lift so she could get around Thaddius’s boys.

Episode 5
Death to the Heretic

Fraustus, Ignis, Litila and Pontius, believed to be out of the fight as if by the Emperors very will started fighting again and along with Hak (master defenstrator) drove off the last of Thaddius’s gang defending the barricade.

Episode 4
A priest a nun and a copper were on a motorbike.........

Fenria having driven the enforcers out of the lift are was awarded by being given the long journeys end as her new base of operations, she immediately got drunk to the point of passing out, after coming round she ordered some of the gangers under her command to paint the bar red. Fenria renamed the bar ‘Rats’ in memory of where she came from and to make it a rally point for the new resistance.


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